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Score - Sustainable Construction in Rural and Fragile Areas for Energy efficiency

Guidelines for Integrated territorial Planning:

The following guidelines come from a deep analysis of case studies, innovative products, norms and regulations, in relation to the local level. This analysis is summarized in a card that can be downloaded in italian language. The guidelines come, further, from the comparisons with the local stakeholders.

The use of geothermal energy in Italy is still not widespread. The energy yields are very high and, the systems are easy to install and with a wide range of possible solutions. The initial costs are usually depreciable in a few years, the management and maintenance of the systems is very advantageous. It seems that the poor implementation of these systems is due to the cultural gap of the specific sector. This cause the lack of investigation about the mode of application and the loss of the possible incentives (not only economical) given from the national regulations. Further, there is a lack of good practice promoted by government agencies. The cases examined, designed by the INPS technical team (the italian state body which coordinates national insurance funds) are unusual. The zoning and building regulations do not consider this type of renewable source.
It would be appropriate to develop guidance on geothermal energy (as expected in Lombardy), where consider these solutions in the building regulations and disseminate a specific technical culture.

Indication for the Bio-construction Action Plan

Are here synthetically reported the criteria/examples for pilot projects to be financed in MED territory, in relation with the specific treated theme. These criteria/examples, together with the ones resulting from all the themes of eco-construction tool matrix, will make up a Bio-construction Action Plan for each partner countries.

Possible criteria for MED bio–housing quality certificate

In the “Protocollo Itaca”, italian version of “Green Buildings Challenge”, (Itaca semplified 2004, Itaca residential 2011) the use of geothermal energy is discussed only in the B part, about reduction of emission in the atmosphere. We need to consider other certification systems (international systems).

Case studies

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