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Score - Sustainable Construction in Rural and Fragile Areas for Energy efficiency

Guidelines for Integrated territorial Planning:
Natural lighting

The following guidelines come from a deep analysis of case studies, innovative products, norms and regulations, in relation to the local level. This analysis is summarized in a card that can be downloaded in italian language.  The guidelines come, further, from the comparisons with the local stakeholders.

The design of natural lighting (daytime illumination factor, the indoor light diffusion, the relation to indoor and outdoor) still is a current topic in building design for:

The critical points normally encountered during a natural lighting design are:

In the common design practice the sunshine and the quality of illumination are not considered as an aspect of living comfort. The good examples in this sector still are privilege of particular types of buildings as museums, schools and churches, all along characterized by lighting quality.
So the indications for the guidelines below are about the application of natural lighting solutions in the public buildings, especially housing (public competitions, construction criteria, local regulations) and for the diffusion of a specific formation for technicians and students.

Indication for the Bio-construction Action Plan
Possible criteria for MED bio–housing quality certificate

In the “Protocollo Itaca”, italian version of “Green Buildings Challenge”, (Itaca semplified 2004, Itaca residential 2011) natural lighting is identified as a requirement for internal spaces (n°4.1. 1.). These criteria could be taken as a reference in design.

Case studies

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