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Local Energy Agency Pomurje Slovenija (Slovenie)

Local Energy Agency Pomurje Slovenija (Slovenie)

Local Energy Agency Pomurje - LEA Pomurje is regional organization that takes care to promote and facilitate continues improvement of energy efficiency and accelerated deployment of renewable energy sources in the region by seeking to maximilization local energy self-supply region. The establishment of the agency dates back to 2005 in the framework of an international consortium in the Intelligent Energy Europe.

The basic guidelines of operation of activities is the promotion of RES (renewable energy sources) and RUE (efficient use of energy) and environmental protection at all levels and tracking requirements and guidelines in international, national and regional level in the energy sector.

LEA Pomurje increasingly realize the objective to become a key software, implementing, negotiating and representative institution in the implementation of RES and RUE and sustainable development in the region.

Activities and projects, which was and will be implement and can be roughly placed into three groups as follows:

  1. Preparation project of strategy documents on the energy fields in Pomurje, as well as micro fields (local community and closed area).
  2. Project and activities for implementation of strategic documents.
  3. Projects, educational and promotional nature of the field of RES and RUE.