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Score - Sustainable Construction in Rural and Fragile Areas for Energy efficiency

READ S.A.-South Aegean Region (Greece)

READ S.A.-South Aegean Region (Greece)


The Prefecture of Dodecanese in collaboration with the municipalities of Rhodes, Kos, Kalymnos, Nisyros and the Chamber of Commerce of Dodecanese established the Regional Energy Agency of Dodecanese (R.E.A.D. S.A) in January 1998, co-financed for the first three years by the E.C. DG XVII (Co. No XVII 4.1031/96-203), under the SAVE II programme.
Name: Regional Energy Agency of Dodecanese
Title: R.E.A.D. S.A.
Address: Eleftherias Sq. 1, 85100 Rhodes, Greece
tel: +30 2241360617/19/20
fax: +30 2241044436
Legal Status: S.A. of South Aegean Region, the municipalities of Rhodes, Kos and Nisyros, according to the article 274 (par 1a) of the law 323/1989 and article 21 of 2218/1994, in appliance with the law 2190/1920 and is the sole Development Agency of the Region, responsible of all EU initiatives and development projects.
General Aims:

  • Development through E.U. or National programmes
  • To provide support to all local authorities and bodies of the South Aegean Region, in matters of energy policy, tourism, social economy, new technologies, SMEs, employment, environment.
  • To provide services to whom it may concern (potential investors, etc.) in establishing works concerning production and management in the field of energy
  • The implementation of certain activities which aim in the promotion of renewable energy sources and environmental protection.


READ S.A. has managed a number of projects, with main subjects the cultural preservation & heritage, the civil protection and tourist structures and the social and economic development.
Indicative Projects include: Integrated and Sustainable Tourism in Mediterranean Islands - “ARCHI-ISLE” (INTERREG III B-ARCHIMED); CULTURE 2000; CULTURE 2002, FireTouris (INTERREG III C EastZone), Mediterranean Cultural Network of cities - stations of the Apostle Paul missionary path- MEDMISSION, (INTERREG III B-ARCHIMED), News Peoples’ Relations in Eastern Mediterranean- PEOPLES, (INTERREG III BARCHIMED), Intelligent System Ports - iPORTS (INTERREG III BARCHIMED), EMERGENCE 2010 (INTERREG III B-MEDOCC).
READ S.A. is part of the consortium of 4 projects, recently approved by the Selection Committee of MED Programme:

  • Sustainable Tourism in Fragile Territories - “SHIFT”
  • Innovative Actions for Trade & Enterprise in the Mediterranean - “INNOVATE-MED”
  • Mediterranean Intermodal Transit - “TRANSit”
  • Sustainable COnstruction in Rural and fragile areas for Energy efficiency -“SCORE”

During projects’ implementation emphasis is given on applying the required proceedings from European and National regulatory framework. During the implementation of the above projects, the employees of READ S.A. have acquired important experience in the administration, co-ordination and monitoring of projects co-financed by the European Union and they have been exposed to the administrative procedures.