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Score - Sustainable Construction in Rural and Fragile Areas for Energy efficiency

The Province of Savona

The Province of Savona

The Province of Savona is located geographically in the north west of Italy along the Ligurian arch overlooking the Mediterranean between Genoa and France.

The Province is an independent local authority between the local municipalities and the Region, it looks after the interests, promotes and coordinates the development.

The province holds its own functions and those conferred by the law of the State and the Region.

Among these functions can be called:

  • Land use planning;
  • The promotion of sustainable development focused on environmental protection;
  • The recovery, protection and enhancement of natural resources, environmental, historical, cultural and local traditions;
  • The development of cooperation which recognizes the social function.

The Province may join, in accordance with local regulations, forms of collaboration and cooperation with associations, organizations, communities and local Italian and foreign.

In particular, in the planning, through its Territorial Coordination Plan (PTC), provides guidance to municipalities, which are incorporated in their urban planning, environmental sustainability for the building.

In addition, PTC promotes and develops actions and projects in the field of energy saving buildings, green architecture, energy production from renewable sources.

In this framework, the idea of the SCORE project that allows the Province of Savona to cooperate effectively with partners in Europe, under the Programme for International Cooperation MED to promote energy efficiency and quality of bio-climatic buildings in areas of high landscape quality.