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Photovoltaic  system Terminal Costa Cruises Savona

Country: Italy
Case study: Photovoltaic system Terminal Costa Cruises Savona
Category: A - renewable energy A1 - solar energy A.1.c - photovoltaic

The system has a total capacity of 120.96 kW and has a cost of about 550 000 euros. It is estimated that the annual production of electrical energy of 130 megawatt hours (MWh) of approximately 1 / 5 of the annual requirement of Palacrociere. The work, which has received a double approval by the Port Authority and the Municipality of Savona, was funded by SV Port Service in collaboration with Costa Cruises and was built by Boreas Two Spa. The project is part of the environmental policy Port Authority to reduce consumption and use renewable sources of increasingly massive...

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