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Score - Sustainable Construction in Rural and Fragile Areas for Energy efficiency

Case studies

Private house in Ialissos

Country: Greece
Case study: Private house in Ialissos
Category: A - renewable energy A1 - solar energy A.1.b - thermal collector D - efficient management

Situated in the north-west side of Rhodes in Ialissos, the constructors of this 400 m2 private house have adopted and applied several rules of sustainable building. “Water solutions” is the responsible constructing company of this project and is based in Rhodes.

More specifically, the system that has been applied in this case study includes the following practices:

  • Heat Pump System air to water
  • Floor heating
  • Pool heating
  • Fan Coil (Cooling) Water heating
  • Water treatment
  • Exploitation of rain-water
  • Solar Thermal System 800Lt
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