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Private house in Asgourou

Country: Greece
Case study: Private house in Asgourou
Category: A - renewable energy A.4 - geothermal gradient C - biocompatible materials D - efficient management E - skin solutions

Standing on a low hill at the north-west side of Rhodes in Asgourou, this private house constitutes an example of the so called “passive house”

The house has southern orientation and big openings in order to exploit as much as possible sunlight during the months that this is required. Moreover, the house’s shell is fully insulated with EPS 80 and more specifically the walls are constructed with a layer of bricks and in the exterior there is a layer of polyester. Gray dry foam rubber swabs are placed in the high parts of the house as well as plaster in the exterior of the building in order to protect from cold weather. In addition, it absorbs heat from the sun’s radiation and it is diffused into the house. Plasterboard is used for the aesthetics of the construction...

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