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Score - Sustainable Construction in Rural and Fragile Areas for Energy efficiency

Case studies

26 Social Housing in Sevilla

Country: Spain
Case study: 26 Social Housing in Sevilla
Category: A - renewable energy A1 - solar energy A.1.a - passive B - natural control strategy

The idea for the project is based on the prototype of social housing, proposing a sequence of empty and full spaces following the examples of the traditional Andalusia domestic architecture.
As for the morphological characteristics of the architecture of Umbrete, the vast majority of buildings are single-family types houses in the form of party cube-shaped and elongated biuldings in which the outer parts of the plot are as important as the built spaces. This type of architecture wich always keep the human scale and domestic program together is developed on two levels: low, for proper housing and the high for solarium, warehouse, barn, ...

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