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Score - Sustainable Construction in Rural and Fragile Areas for Energy efficiency

Case studies

Montaulieu District – Redevelopment of the Meeting Room

Country: France
Case study: Montaulieu District – Redevelopment of the Meeting Room
Category: A - renewable energy A1 - solar energy A.1.b - thermal collector A.1.c - photovoltaic C - biocompatible materials

The village of Montaulieu is located in Drôme Provençale, near to Nyons, and therefore on the northernmost edge of the Mediterranean region. Montaulieu is a typical hilltop village that forms part of the rural heritage of the Hautes Baronnies.
The village council decided to redevelop a meeting room located above the town hall premises. The elected representatives aim to make this a project that leads the way in terms of environmental considerations, while preserving the character of this rural building. The renovation will employ eco-materials; renewable energies will provide all of the building's energy requirements: automated wood-fuel heating, solar-powered electricity supply. Educational aspects will be emphasised...

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